Nationally known culinary expert, award winning teacher, and popular cookbook author Raghavan Iyer brings the intriguing food and culture of his native India to kitchens everywhere through his new television series scheduled for Fall 2016.

Raghavan Iyer’s new series brings the flavors of India into home kitchens everywhere.

This delicious 13-part television series showcases food and culture adventures in India, a land of mystery and intrigue. It spotlights a cuisine that is 6,000 years old in the world’s second largest country where more than a billion people speak a variety of languages. Raghavan is fluent in six languages and has no trouble striking up conversations wherever he goes.

Mini-segments of Raghavan’s visits to India’s bustling markets, busy fishermen’s wharfs, relaxing ocean beaches, outstanding restaurants, fields of fresh produce, humble home kitchens and more will be featured in each episode. He may visit the street vendor grilling bright red peppers over glowing charcoal or one offering the refreshingly cool water from young coconuts.

Raghavan will shop in outdoor markets filled to overflowing with just-picked produce and the intoxicating aromas of India’s vast array of spices. He will cook with a mother preparing her family’s meals in a simple Mumbai kitchen. And he will go behind the scenes in an award-winning restaurant to get cooking tips from the master chef.

With Raghavan as their guide, viewers will enjoy the adventure of travel to this exotic land and meet some of the fascinating people who continue to create this age-old cuisine. The audience can almost taste the amazing flavors of India’s cooking traditions in each show leaving them with a thirst for more food and adventures.

Raghavan will bring these enticing flavors back to his home in Minnesota where he will demonstrate three or four recipes in each show selected from his latest cookbook “Indian Cooking Unfolded.” In his own kitchen, equipped with a typical stove and oven he will show viewers how easy it is to recreate Indian cuisine in their own kitchens…even tandoor cooking in an outdoor grill. Emphasis will be on the technique of layering flavors with just 6 to 10 ingredients in each dish.

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