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CanolaInfo, Canada and U.S.A


Various speaking engagements and appearances on behalf of CanolaInfo to spread the benefits of Canola and its wide usage in the arena of Indian and Global cuisine.

CanolaInfo’s new recipe collection from renowned Indian chef Raghavan Iyer was featured on nearly 30 broadcast television news stations after a satellite media tour that attracted more than 5 million viewers. In this video that aired on Tampa Bay Sarasota’s WTSP, he demonstrates how to make Turmeric-Rubbed Wild Halibut with Cracked Black Pepper with canola oil. “Canola oil is ideal for cooking with spices,” Iyer explains. “It allows the aroma of a spice, whether delicate or assertive, to come to the forefront of a dish.”

Pizza Karma, Eden Prairie, MN


Based in Eden Prairie and conceptualized by chef and author Raghavan Iyer, Pizza Karma is a restaurant that aims to change how pizzas are made and looked at by introducing their customers to unconventional pizza flavors. From introducing tandoor fired crust as a base for the dish to bringing in flavors which include specialties such as coconut shrimp, paneer and Greek yogurt-marinated chicken, Pizza Karma changes how pizzas are made on a fundamental level by taking it places it’s never been before. It also lives up to its name, as it donates a portion of its profits to charity and uses environmentally sound and recyclable dinnerware and also goes the extra mile to ensure that all food-based wasted is composted.

Iyer states that his brainchild is more than just an “Indian” pizza restaurant. In fact, he refuses to be pigeon-holed by the title. “They’re designed to expose you to flavors you haven’t been exposed to before,” says Iyer “It’s all about showcasing ingredients and techniques that are used across the world.” Simply put, Pizza Karma is a global pizza restaurant.

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