The Educator

With more than 25 years of teaching experience reaching over 30,000 students, both professional and home cooks, Raghavan has taught in some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens.


  • Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
  • Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Central Market Cooking Schools Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas
  • Viking Culinary Arts Centers, Atlanta, St. Louis, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California
  • Byerly’s School of Culinary Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Sur La Table, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Naperville, Dallas, Scottsdale
  • Publix Super Market - Aprons Cooking School Sarasota and Tampa, Florida
  • Cooks of Crocus Hill, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Cookworks, Santa Fe, New Mexico & Dallas, Texas
  • In Good Taste, Portland, Oregon
  • Nothing To It, Reno Nevada
  • Let’s Get Cookin’, Los Angeles, California
  • A Southern Season, Chapel Hill, North Carolina & Charleston, South Carolina


  • International Culinary Center - Formerly the French Culinary Institute), New York NY
  • Lane Community College, Eugene, OR


Indian Restaurant Favorites: Fresh at Home

Turn your Indian food cravings into satisfying new skills! Make samosas, chicken tikka masala, naan and more in your very own kitchen.

Award-winning instructor Raghavan Iyer returns to guide you through each step of making popular Indian dishes at home! Start by mastering everyone's favorite spiced-potato and pea samosas. Then, whip up flavorful condiments such as sweet-and-sour tamarind-date chutney, cucumber raita and more. Want to wow guests with homemade chicken tikka masala? Chef Iyer breaks down the marinade, simmer sauce and finishing touches that make this dish so unique. Go meatless with delicious braised okra and tomatoes, black lentil dal, cauliflower with potatoes and creamy paneer curry. Plus, learn the secrets to perfectly cooked basmati rice every time, and meet your new go-to flatbread: homemade naan.

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Companion Video Series to "660 Curries"

Make authentic Indian curries at home! Work with key Indian ingredients, learn to enhance classic spices and develop deep flavors for curries that always satisfy.

Spice up dinnertime with classic Indian dishes that always hit the spot. Learn from cookbook author and renowned instructor RaghavanIyer as you discover traditional Indian ingredients, learn to enhance essential spices and create the foundations of Indian cuisine: flavor pastes and spice blends. Then, use the pastes to create layers of delicious flavor in shrimp, chicken and even coconut curries! Make a smoky grilled eggplant pâté and learn how to confidently balance texture, color and aroma in your vegetable dishes. Next, get tips for cooking legumes as you make a sweet-and-sour curry with tender chickpeas and kidney beans. Plus, uncover the secrets behind saagpaneer — a greens-packed curry with fresh cheese — as you make your own paneer and pan-fry it to a perfect golden brown. Finally, Raghavan shares his tricks for biryani, a layered rice dish packed with vegetables and spices that completes your new restaurant-worthy repertoire!

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